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My name is Margo Massoud Marver.  I was born in the outskirts of the capital of Lebanon, Beirut.  I had a very happy childhood in boarding schools and at home with my parents, my five siblings and many cousins until the Lebanese Civil War commenced in 1975.  It started two weeks before I finished my Interior Design degree.  I remember going to school to get ready for my graduation with no fear about the bombs or barricades because they didn’t yet exist.  The war started as political group conflicts.  We had no idea that it was going to get worse and worse and mess up the country emotionally, physically and economically.

By the time I successfully passed exams for my degree and became a very ambitious Interior Designer, the war started warming up.  Still, I managed to find work and started using my expertise, and getting busier and busier.  Stress started mingling into my life.  I was trying to juggle work, personal life, tennis, yoga classes, eating on the road, making some time to date, going dancing and having fun with my friends.  While doing all this business and having fun, I was also taking English and Italian classes.  That is how we are when we are young.  We think we are unbeatable, we can do it all, and that we can fit activities into every minute of our life.  I was a young person full of life and ambitious, with all sorts of big dreams for the future, beautiful plans …I wanted to work, work, work, and travel around the world.  Getting married and having kids were not in my future plans.  The world was so big – it would take a lifetime to work, save the money and travel.

It took a few years of this intense life before all the above took a big toll on my body.  I started having pain and discomfort here and there.  My asthma attacks started resurfacing again, as well as my eczema.  The stress, plus missing meals or eating sandwiches on the run, eating the wrong foods, all contributed in developing a pain in my right side.  Of course, I ignored it until the pain became intolerable.  It happened when I was getting ready to go on a trip to Jordan to visit my cousins who were working there at the time.  After having an ultrasound, it was decided that I will need surgery.  Yes, I had developed an ovarian cyst.  The pain would get strong during the ovulation season or when my bladder was full.  After my return from my trip, I met a Macrobiotic Counselor during a dinner with some friends.  She asked me to follow her diet for a few weeks, and she gave me Barefoot Shiatsu treatments every week.  She helped me change my hectic lifestyle – eating on time, eating more whole foods, fewer sandwiches. I learned to sit and eat listening to music instead of watching TV, reading or drawing my next house plan or boutique or restaurant.  That was new for me.  I had forgotten the importance of having a three square meal regimen a day, consuming fresh cooked food instead of cold and canned food.  Most importantly, I was reminded of the benefit of chewing my food well in order to feel more nourished and satisfied.

Applying all this common sense advice got my life back on track.  It helped me slow down my hectic and loaded schedule, and I started feeling better.  I had more energy, and was pain free.  My coughing and eczema got better.  I was feeling happier and less stressed out.  After taking another ultrasound, I was told that I did not need surgery.  This whole process of new changes and reeducating myself to living a more natural lifestyle took two whole months.  One reason I was able to do it is that the center I was attending was a few meters away from my parents’ house and because the war was exploding and I couldn’t go anywhere, I was forced to stay put in my neighborhood and work with the Macrobiotic Counselor.  Because of the intensity of the war, my boyfriend had to move back to France, and it wasn’t easy to reach my friends to go dancing and have fun.  All I did was take care of my health and well being.

After this whole natural experience, this is what I learned and continued to apply into my daily life.
Nine Daily Easy Ways for Better and Stronger Health.

Margo Marver
Wellness Studio



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